Celestion Ruby – 4×12 (Closed)


The Celestion Ruby voices an instantly familiar alnico vibe with its glorious dampened attack, oozing a rich, musical warmth with mellow highs and a smooth, sophisticated midrange.

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The Celestion Ruby 4×12 (closed back) is available in both Impulse Response (IR) and Dynamic Speaker Response (DSR) format. This speaker response was purpose-built to create gorgeous vintage tones and bring an instantly familiar alnico vibe and is the latest in a long tradition of alnico guitar speakers stretching right back to 1960.

The Ruby oozes a rich musical warmth with a smooth, sophisticated midrange and mellow highs. This guitar speaker response delivers a sweetness, balance and depth that always seems to sound just right! Down this IR/DSR now to enhance your digital library.

What does it sound like?

Listen to a sample of this Impulse Response below.