Celestion Ruby DSR Collection


The Celestion Ruby Dynamic Speaker Response (DSR) Collection includes five cabinet configurations: 1×12 (open and closed back), 2×12 (open and closed back) and 4×12 (closed back).

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Purpose-built to create rich, beautiful vintage tones, the Celestion Ruby brings an instantly familiar alnico vibe with its glorious dampened attack, oozing a rich musical warmth with mellow highs and a smooth, sophisticated midrange. The Celestion Ruby brings its own sweetness, balance and depth that always seems to sound just right!

This Ruby speaker Dynamic Speaker Response (DSR) collection includes five cabinet configurations to provide the user the full spectrum of tone the Ruby has to offer:

  • 1×12 (open back)
  • 1×12 (closed back)
  • 2×12 (open back)
  • 2×12 (closed back)
  • 4×12 (closed back)