Seventy 80 IR Collection


The Celestion Seventy 80 Collection includes five cabinet configurations: 1×12 (open and closed back), 2×12 (open and closed back) and 4×12 (closed back).

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With a tone that is detailed and crisply defined, it has a tightly controlled low-end with a punchy, aggressive upper mid-range. Top end response is glassy and clear for enhanced treble and a full-range feel, without compromising the undeniable Celestion character. Expect the low notes to be tight, for great palm-muting partnered with an upper register that has definition and clarity.

This Seventy 80 speaker impulse response collection includes five cabinet configurations to provide the whole spectrum of tone that the Seventy 80 has to offer:

  • 1×12 (open back)
  • 1×12 (closed back)
  • 2×12 (open back)
  • 2×12 (closed back)
  • 4×12 (closed back)

These speaker impulse responses were meticulously recorded by our expert sound engineers in a world-class room using three professional mics – a Shure SM57, a Sennheiser MD421 and a Royer ribbon mic. These three mics were recorded in six positions (including a rear mic for the open back cabinets) and labelled within the IR files as Balanced, Bright, Fat, Thin, Dark and Dark 2.

In addition to the three mics already used to create this Celestion Seventy 80 collection, a Neumann TLM107 room mic was used to record extra mic mixes to provide the user with the widest range of tonal options possible.

This Seventy 80 IR collection is downloaded in .WAV format for compatibility with the majority of DAWs, IR plugins and amp modelling software.