Celestion Gold

The Celestion Gold was originally developed as a higher power alnico speaker and is thought of as a “well played-in” version of its older brother the Celestion Blue. Exhibiting many of the same tonal characteristics as can be heard in the original Blue, the Gold has a less prominent high end which reveals a more complex upper mid-range.

Expressive and dynamic, the Celestion Alnico Gold, a 50-watt G12 speaker, yields unprecedented control along with the muscle needed to deliver a huge rhythmic voicing. All the qualities of an alnico speaker are still there, including a warm bass, chiming treble and a “laid-back” attack. Push a little harder and the Alnico Gold yields rich, thick overtones, harder still and you’re rewarded with a delightfully aggressive snarl with just enough natural compression to keep things sweet.

Download the official Celestion Alnico Gold IRs and Dynamic Speaker Responses today.